Friday, 30 September 2011

Poobs Vs The Mill House Meal Deal

Now it's been a while since there's been an update on here, now it's not because Poob's has stopped eating, oh no, although I must admit our Hero has cut down a lot, but mainly due to the fact that there's not been any difference in his diet, and while the want to update every meal does exist, it would just get equally as boring posting every day about our mountain of a man, Poobs, scoffing down his usual 2/3 burgers. So we've taken a small Hiatus until today...

Today was an office outing, a long time employee of the company was going on maternity and an outing of 20 of us headed out to a local establishment for our lunch time fairwell... Now the local establishment runs a lunch time special of 2 meals for a tenner (£10), designed to get couples into the pub for their lunch time meals, and even have a rule in place that one person can not actually participate in termendous deal, so when we booked seating for the event we had to book an extra seat, so that poobs could feel satisfied with his lunch... for Poobs did not want to share with another person in this amazing deal, oh no, our Hero could not see such a deal pass him by and not indulge his pallette, not feast upon it and sup down every penny  of this meal saver... No, Poobs ordered himself 2 meals, two full main course to satisfy his hunger and want for sustinance on this fateful friday lunch time...

Meal 1 -
10oz* Gammon Steak
Served with chips, peas, grilled tomato and
topped with a fried egg or pineapple.

Meal 2 -
Chicken Burger
Breaded chicken breast fillets topped with bacon, in a toasted bun with Heinz Classic
Burger Sauce and mixed leaves, served with chips and onion rings.

As usual, the English lanuage does not contain the words to describe such a feat of human gluttany,so I'll let the pictures do the talking, although nothing can ever compare to seeing such a feat in the flesh, with you're own mortal eyes...

When approached for comment, the mountain of a man only responded with "I wish we had time for dessert"...

Truely this is a man to be feared people, for one day I worry the flesh of animals may not truely be enough to satisfy him...

Monday, 25 July 2011

Poobs VS. The Home Made Packed Lunch

A poor show from Poobs today, as he sits here eating a packed lunch. Less than impressed as we are, it was a packed lunch fit for two people but a mere snack for Poobs.

Oh, and he blames the wife for this lackluster lunch.

Fingers crossed for a return to form at the end of the week as he aims to spend his weekly £10 fast food budget.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Poobs in Training...

All I'm going to post with this is the image and tell you that this is training... and I'll let all of your minds do there best to work out what on earth our Hero would need training for... and yes that is stacked burgers...

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Poobs VS Yet Another MacDonalds

There is nothing I can say here that will do anything any justice, there is no way I can big this up or make this the event of the year all I can say is...

Yet again Poobs frequents Macdonalds... yet again the staff behind the counter wonder where is family is when he takes his meal and sits down... yet again, they all look at each other when he sits down and demolishes the entire tray on his own... that's our Poobs!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Poobs VS 8 Sandwich Mega Deal!

Everyone can relax, you can stop digging the bunker in the back garden and looking for other signs of the apocalypse... for today Poobs was back into his usual stride...

Now Poobs still tried to argue he was still following his diet, he was spending less money, argueing that all of the sandwiches involved in the chicken and bacon orgy were all reduced... reduced in price!!

To his credit, he did enjoy this monster feat of sexy sandwich eating for under £4...

but as a first for our hero, not only did we capture the event in photograph form, we've also captured some rare footage of the man in action... so please, can we have a round of applause as we introduce you to the first footage of the Poobs!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Poobs VS A Diet

We have breaking news, Poobs today started a diet...

What can I say, the look on his face says it all... have you ever seen an unhappier fat man?

Monday, 27 June 2011

Poobs VS Burger King: The Remix!

Meet Poobs, 28 years old.... fed up with life, and the way things are going(1)...  Poobs decides to actually mix up his order at Burger King!

Forsaking his usual order of the Legendary Triple Whopper, our Man of the Moment, decided that he wanted a change, not something that happens in his life very often, instead he ordered for himself:

1 Double Whopper meal (super-sized) [including supersize Fanta and fries] 1600 calories
1 Double Cheese Burger 450 calories
1 Chicken Royal (with Cheese)  630 calories

that's a total of 2680 calories in one lunch time, that is 130 calories more than a full grown man should eat in an entire day!

at least he didn't go back for a kids meal this time I suppose...