Friday, 22 April 2011

A Glowing Review from a Loving Mother

In a bid to wish her Son well on his quest for food glory, and to show us all that Poobs' massive consumption of food started at an early age, Poobs' Mum had this to say to the devouring machine:

"LOL Do they know about the KFC family bargain buckets you ate when you were at school- or the family size yorkshire puddings with family pack of stew and 6 dumplings- or the 12 peices of pizza with chicken and beans-and diet coke- for your 12th birthday- the list goes on........."

Start as you mean to go on, Poobs! The whole world is watching!!

This weekend, Poobs will be battling a Monster Kebab in his hometown of Blackpool. Pictures to follow... Hopefully!!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Poobs VS KFC 12 Piece Boneless Banquet

In the red corner we have have the KFC Deluxe Boneless Banquet, weighing in at 12 tender 100% chicken breast Mini Fillets, 2 regular Popcorn Chicken boxes, 4 regular fries, 2 regular sides and 1.5 litres of sweet sugary Pepsi, diet Pepsi of course, we don't want to be greedy, and in the Blue corner we have our Hero Poobs, 100% pure bread eating machine.

On Friday the 15th April 2011 these two heavy weight contenders met in a seat wetting hour long royal rumble, who won you may ask.... 

I think we'll let the pictures do the talking...

Monday, 18 April 2011

Meet Poobs

Meet Andy.  

He’s just your average ordinary everyday dude without a care in the world.  He’s a happy chappy and a family man.  But Andy has a secret. Andy has an enormous, unsurpressable appetite for food. And when food is needed he becomes POOBS.

Poobs is on a quest to devour everything in his path, taking on all comers.  Massive kebabs, pizza hut buffets, family sized KFC meals, under the counter BK Triple Whopper meals SUPER SIZED.  Nothing is sacred, nothing is safe.

Having once described himself as ‘The Red Car’ from the Milky Way adverts, the eating machine that is Poobs is set to take the world by storm and take the throne from Adam Richman and Man Vs Food. Proving that even though the Americans may be super sized, the Brits do it best.

Join us as we follow Poobs on his journey into the underworld of overindulgence. 

Welcome, to
Poobs vs Food.