Friday, 30 September 2011

Poobs Vs The Mill House Meal Deal

Now it's been a while since there's been an update on here, now it's not because Poob's has stopped eating, oh no, although I must admit our Hero has cut down a lot, but mainly due to the fact that there's not been any difference in his diet, and while the want to update every meal does exist, it would just get equally as boring posting every day about our mountain of a man, Poobs, scoffing down his usual 2/3 burgers. So we've taken a small Hiatus until today...

Today was an office outing, a long time employee of the company was going on maternity and an outing of 20 of us headed out to a local establishment for our lunch time fairwell... Now the local establishment runs a lunch time special of 2 meals for a tenner (£10), designed to get couples into the pub for their lunch time meals, and even have a rule in place that one person can not actually participate in termendous deal, so when we booked seating for the event we had to book an extra seat, so that poobs could feel satisfied with his lunch... for Poobs did not want to share with another person in this amazing deal, oh no, our Hero could not see such a deal pass him by and not indulge his pallette, not feast upon it and sup down every penny  of this meal saver... No, Poobs ordered himself 2 meals, two full main course to satisfy his hunger and want for sustinance on this fateful friday lunch time...

Meal 1 -
10oz* Gammon Steak
Served with chips, peas, grilled tomato and
topped with a fried egg or pineapple.

Meal 2 -
Chicken Burger
Breaded chicken breast fillets topped with bacon, in a toasted bun with Heinz Classic
Burger Sauce and mixed leaves, served with chips and onion rings.

As usual, the English lanuage does not contain the words to describe such a feat of human gluttany,so I'll let the pictures do the talking, although nothing can ever compare to seeing such a feat in the flesh, with you're own mortal eyes...

When approached for comment, the mountain of a man only responded with "I wish we had time for dessert"...

Truely this is a man to be feared people, for one day I worry the flesh of animals may not truely be enough to satisfy him...

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