Monday, 27 June 2011

Poobs VS Burger King: The Remix!

Meet Poobs, 28 years old.... fed up with life, and the way things are going(1)...  Poobs decides to actually mix up his order at Burger King!

Forsaking his usual order of the Legendary Triple Whopper, our Man of the Moment, decided that he wanted a change, not something that happens in his life very often, instead he ordered for himself:

1 Double Whopper meal (super-sized) [including supersize Fanta and fries] 1600 calories
1 Double Cheese Burger 450 calories
1 Chicken Royal (with Cheese)  630 calories

that's a total of 2680 calories in one lunch time, that is 130 calories more than a full grown man should eat in an entire day!

at least he didn't go back for a kids meal this time I suppose...

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